VIDEO: NBC News Reports on Bangladesh Genocide

VIDEO: NBC News Reports on Bangladesh Genocide

Video Transcript

Some diplomatic fallout from the recent war between the Indians and the Pakistanis: the Indians in their anti-American mood have decided to raise the level of their diplomatic relations with North Vietnam. The State Department is protesting and the Russians say they soon will recognize the new government of Bangladesh.

One of the reasons why there is a Bangladesh today is the fact that troops from West Pakistan, Punjabis, savagely terrorized the Bengali population of East Pakistan. Perhaps a million people died. Here now is some blurry videotape taken ten months ago hidden since then of how the terror began.

This slightly blurry amateur videotape which has been kept hidden for the past nine months shows Pakistani soldiers executing students, professors, and workers at the University of Dhaka last March 26.

The first sequence shows Pakistani soldiers forcing students to carry and pile up the bodies of victims already killed. The tape was made secretly by a professor of engineering on a portable tape machine hidden on the roof of a building about 300 yards from the killings. A Pakistani execution squad lined up slightly to the right of the center of the screen. About 20 people were herded onto the killing ground from the right corner of the picture. One man dressed in black dropped to his knees and begged for mercy. The Pakistani soldiers opened fire.

One man was left standing after the first barrage. He was finally killed by the Pakistani soldier seen with a rifle. Then the Pakistanis went among the bodies shooting close up to make sure their victims were dead. This is just one small episode of the Pakistani massacre. The killings were the beginning of a reign of terror by Pakistan which set off a revolt by the Bengalis and ended in the liberation of Bangladesh. Ron Nessen, NBC News Dhaka

Citation: Nessen, Ron. NBC Nightly News. NBC. 1972. Television broadcast.

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