Photo by Donna Hriljac

My name is Michael Gallery and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Biman Mullick and his wife, Aparajita, in March of 2016. I am a U.S. collector of Bangladesh, Indian, and Pakistani philatelic items. I was eager to obtain Mr. Mullick’s autographs on an August 13, 1969 first day cover of his British Gandhi stamp, a July 29, 1971 Bangladesh first day cover containing all 8 of the first Bangladesh stamps which he designed, and a July 29, 2015 first day cover of the Bangladesh Stamp Day stamp which he also designed. To obtain his signatures my partner, Donna Hriljac, and I flew to London, England and spent a delightful afternoon at Biman’s and Aparijita’s home.

As we spoke it became clear that Biman was concerned about inaccuracies and historical gaps concerning the creation of the first 8 Bangladesh stamps. To help set the historical record straight Mr. Mullick and I agreed to collect and share information about this turbulent and interesting period in Bangladesh philatelic history. We also provide historical details about his two other philatelic contributions.

What follows is our compilation of information about Biman Mullick’s role in the design of the 1969 British Gandhi stamp, the 8 original Bangladesh stamps, and the 2015 Bangladesh Stamp Day stamp. We include his award winning work as Honorary Director in the “Cleanair Campaign for a Smoke Free Environment.”

As our work proceeds, we hope to develop a lively, interesting, and authoritative source for information about Mr. Mullick’s philatelic contributions as well his other literary and artistic contributions. The site will contain a wide ranging collection of information.

I do want to thank Mr. Tom Rhode, our web designer, for his patience and dedication during this process. His research skills allowed us to discover some philatelic treasures and greatly enhanced the Gandhi stamp page. His creativity is evident throughout the project.

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