Article: The Evening Star (27 July 1971)

ARTICLE: The Evening Star, (27 July 1971)

In the July 27, 1971 issue of “The Washington Evening Star”, a newspaper published in Washington D.C. from 1852 to 1981, Biman’s stamps were highlighted in a graphic shown above. This was one day after Biman participated in a worldwide announcement of the release of the stamps at the Harcourt Room in the Houses of Parliament in London.

The caption reads, “Bangla Desh publicizes its existence with a set of propaganda stamps.”

In the August 9, 1971 issue of “Newsweek” four of the stamps shown above were included in a graphic with a write-up titled, “The Rebel Stamp.” Included in the Newsweek write-up was this information about a warning to the citizens of Dacca.

“And in an attempt to prove that they were no mere paper tigers, the rebel guerrilas also issued an ominous warning. A flood of handbills signed by the Liberation Army urged residents of Dacca to evacuate the city in preparation for a terror campaign against the government’s occupation forces.”